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Server Info

Server Rates are:
5000X / XP
5000X / SP
8000X / ADENA
 Enchant Rate:
Safe: +4
Maxim Enchant : +15
Rate : 75%

Other Features:

-Custom Buffer
-Custom Gm Shop
-Noblesse/Olympiad Working 100%
No Grade Penalty
-No Lag
-Full C1 , C2 , C3 , C4 , C5 , C6 , Kamael , Hellbound , Gracia 1 , Gracia 2 Spawnlist and mobs
-Clan Hall Working
-Maximum Level is 85
-Auto Learn Skills
-Custom Zone's
In Adena Zone (Antharas Nest ) u can find 
one monster name Tyrant If u kill him he give to you Caradine's Letter





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